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Universal Design for the Home

Universal Design for the Home

Universal Design (UD) is coming of age. Once a home design specialty that was little known, of limited interest, and a source of embarrassment more than pride, it is attracting widespread media...
$24.99 $18.74
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Outdoor Stonework The Timeless, Practical, and Aesthetic Value of Stone

Outdoor Stonework

The wonderful, timeless, practical, aesthetic value of stoneThis book will contain a brief history of how and why stone has been used in structures throughout the world. It discusses stonework projects...
$24.99 $18.74
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Designing Interiors with Tile

Introducing tile and stone into the home gives designers and homeowners an artistic medium like no other. Reclaimed, antique terra-cotta tile can transform a high-rise city kitchen into a French countryside retreat....
$17.99 $13.49
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Complete Lighting Design

No matter how beautifully decorated a room is, it doesn't matter if no one can see it. Interior designers know the importance of good lighting placement, because it is the key...
$24.99 $18.74
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Living with Kids

From the mudroom to the bathroom and beyond, children are of the the center of the household, and your home needs to accommodate the wear and tear that goes along with family...
$30.00 $22.50
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April 23,2014
The Quarto Group was featured in Publishers Weekly London Book Show Daily on April 9, 2014. Here are a few excerpts from the article. Learn More.
January 12,2012
Walter Foster Publishing, the world's leading art instruction publisher, and MEDL Mobile, a leader in mobile development, have partnered to create a new drawing experience for creative children. "Kids! Learn to Draw by Walter Foster" teaches budding artists how to draw an engaging array of subjects using step-by-step guides and the touch of a finger. Learn More.
November 1,2011
Cool Springs Press innovative use of Quick Response (QR) codes is the subject of a story in Publishers Weekly. Learn More.
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