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October 8,2012
Author Gary Lincoff has been working on his new book, "Joy of Foraging," for more than 40 years. Learn More.
October 8,2012
Bartender Katie Loeb believes anyone who can shop, boil water, measure ingredients and operate basic kitchen equipment can make their own garden-fresh cocktails. Her book, "Shake, Stir, Pour - Fresh Homegrown Cocktails," includes step-by-step photos of some of the more complicated techniques for those still shaky around a shaker. Learn More.
September 26,2012
Susan Schwake, author of Art Lab for Kids, is also a baker. Her recipe for blueberry coffee cake was recently featured on Design Sponge. Learn More.
September 26,2012
Kim Flottum, author of The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook, offered readers of Mother Earth News tips on producing and selling honey. Learn More.
September 14,2012
Katie Loeb, author of Shake, Stir, Pour, was named the grand prize winner of the Barenjager Bartender Competition September 11 in New York. Learn More.
August 15,2012
Katie Loeb, author of "Shake, Stir, Pour: Fresh Homegrown Cocktails," spoke with Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio about her craft cocktail recipes. She's a bartender, sommelier, and a creator of craft cocktails. Learn More.
July 18,2012
Alex Lewin, author of Real Food Fermentation, explains to the Boston Globe that the popularity of fermentation is a part of the rise in the interest in cooking and food in the U.S. Learn More.
July 18,2012
Author of Art Lab for Kids, Susan Schwake, is now writing a regular Art Lab for Kids post, twice a month at the Illustration Friday blog. Look for sneak peeks from the book as well as loads of other exciting art ideas for kids! Learn More.
July 18,2012
Art Lab for Kids has received a resounding thumbs up from NickJr. Australia. Yvette Hamilton says the book is "destined to become a family heirloom because of it's timeless collection of really practical, fun and engaging art projects suitable for kids of all ages." Learn More.
July 16,2012
Flora Bowley, author of Brave Intuitive Painting, has found inspiration for her art in the Indonesian island of Bali. Learn More.
July 13,2012
Although she has long harbored artistic aspirations, it wasn't until Maine native Mati Rose McDonough moved to San Francisco in 2000 that she became determined to make art her livelihood. Now she's a successful artist and author with her book Daring Adventures in Paint. Learn More.
July 12,2012
Blogger Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough, author of Daring Adventures in Paint, are good friends and admirers of each others' work. Learn More.
July 11,2012
Millicent Souris, author of How to Build a Better Pie, appeared on WGN-TV to share some of her tips on making a better, flakier pie. Learn More.
July 6,2012
Teahouse Studio, founded by three artists including Mati Rose McDonough, is a shared studio space that is used by the arts community of Berkeley, California. Apartment Therapy blog took a look at the studio and its offerings. Learn More.
June 22,2012
Sarah Ahearn Bellemare, author of Painted Pages, talks to Heather Smith Jones in the Poppytalk Blog about her journey as an artist, from a child to the "many hats" she wears now as painter, author, and instructor. Learn More.
May 23,2012
Crafty lady Tammy Powley is a mild-mannered English teacher by day and crochet maven and craft book writer after hours. Learn More.
May 11,2012
Blogger Kelly Rae Roberts says Flora Bowley's new book Brave Intuitive Painting "will give you insight and tools and techniques on how to uncover your own rhythm of unfolding, taking risk, and trusting the painting process." Learn More.
May 7,2012
With demand for goat meat driving a market boom in this country, a few farmers are getting in the goat business and trying the meat for themselves. The Meat Goat Handbook, by Yvonne Zweede-Tucker, aims to help producers get into the business. Learn More.
May 7,2012
Gabriel Campanario, author of The Art of Urban Sketching, discusses how he got started as an artist and what he looks for when sketching in an interview with Gail Wheatley at CultureVixen. Learn More.
April 27,2012
Forget the camera. A growing number of travelers are using a pencil to capture vacation memories. "Sketching makes for a richer travel experience," says Seattle journalist and author of The Art of Urban Sketching Gabriel Campanario. Learn More.
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